We use Insight Impact Surveys to validate the impact of possible marketing decisions and measure the return on consumer insights.

Mobile, contextual and social quantitative surveys

As consumer behavior is triggered by the context or occasion consumers are in, our surveys are mobile enabled and allow consumers to give in-the-moment and in-context feedback. In addition to individual feedback, we can embed social interactions between survey participants to add meaning and build a more qualitative layer around quantitative data. Overall, we strive to make our surveys snappy and engaging to maximize data accuracy and minimize drop-out.

Rational as well as emotional processing

Complementary to asking explicit questions to get rational feedback from consumers, we deploy implicit measurement techniques to tap into consumers’ emotional and non-rational processing.

Survey afterlife

Optionally, we extend the lifecycle of a survey by adding our Lounge module, allowing consumers to have a dialogue between them after the survey is completed. This enables us to collect more qualitative, bottom-up consumer feedback related to the topic of the survey.

Actionable insights

By carefully reviewing the added value of every single question, activating surveys dependent on the actions consumers undertake and/or using powerful online reporting capabilities, we maximize data actionability in function of our clients’s strategic goals and context.


Insight Impact Surveys