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Millennials at Work

Millennials at Work

Optimizing and capitalizing on Millennials’ talents, maximizing their impact on business performance. Millennials make up almost 50% of the global workforce; their attitude and approach to work differs vastly from previous generations. Discover how to adapt HR policies to become Millennial-proof.

How to sharpen your brand

How to sharpen your brand

Up to 90% of all behavior is motivated by the subconscious, yet marketers and consumer researchers have relied on insights into conscious processes exclusively. There is an important relationship in memory between concepts (brands) and objects (aspects of the brand) – how are you measuring your distinctive assets?

Research as a customer service

Research as a customer service

There is a clear relationship between an organization’s level of customer-centricity and its degree of success. How can you use your consumer research not only to update and improve your value proposition, and also bring your customer closer to the core of your business through the research process?

5 ways to activate consumer insights

The Insight Activation Studio

Demonstrating research impact and improving the return on insights. In this bookzine, we answer the questions of how to trigger meaningful actions across the organization in order to create a positive business impact, and how can the insight professional of tomorrow do this in an efficient and effective way.

Mithra by InSites Consulting

Shaping the brand story for Mithra Pharmaceuticals

Through 40,000 conversations in the online Women’s Consulting community, Mithra improved its positioning as female healthcare specialist.

The Danone Activation Studio

The Danone Activation Studio

A practical guide to making Insights more accessible. How do you turn insights into action? This bookzine explores the 8 rules for success for activating insights, from including the consumer in the process, sharing insights company-wide, to building future-proof concepts to deliver a better consumer experience.

Danone by InSites Consulting

Increasing the ROI of consumer insights for Danone

Engaging and uniting Danone employees to trigger meaningful actions from consumer insights.

Pepsi Lipton by InSites Consulting

Understanding the tea landscape for Pepsi Lipton

Pepsi Lipton is a joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever, focused on 3 core brands: Lipton Ice Tea, Brisk and…

BOSE by InSites Consulting

Defining the optimal customer journey for BOSE

BOSE, the well-known high quality music product brand, had defined potential interesting target groups for future growth. In order to…

Ferrero by InSites Consulting

Testing the Bready concept for Nutella

Nutella is the world-famous sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. It was introduced in Belgium in…


Developing go-to-market strategies for Vodafone

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications agency. In order to grow their market share and average revenue per user (ARPU),…

Dorel by InSites Consulting

Fueling the branding & innovation funnel for Dorel’s Quinny brand

Dorel (a manufacturer of juvenile products, including car seats, play yards, high chairs, bath accessories, infant health, home safety and…

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