Millennials & Social Media: The power of conversations [infographic]


As published on How Cool Brands Stay Hot on November 28, 2013. Did you know that 7 out of 10 Millennials consult, react to or post about products, brands and companies on social media? Find out all about the power of conversations in part 2 of our infographic series: Millennials & Social Media! Discover which information Generation Y consults and shares, which online sources they trust most and the top 7 conversations affecting their purchase behavior.

Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: The biggest conversation starters & most trusted online sources for Gen Y by @Joeri_InSites #socialmedia #mrx

Millennials are the most marketing-savvy and advertising-critical generation ever. For this generation, social media have become indispensable. A recent InSites Consulting study learnt us that they even consider social media as their most important channel, because these channels are most up-to-date and also most tailored and targeted, as you choose yourself who to follow and thus what kind of information you want to receive.

Bird_pinkTweetaway: Top 7 conversations driving buying intention for Millennials by @Joeri_InSites #geny #mrx #socialmedia

Want to find out more about Millennials & Social Media, check part I of the infographic series: The what, where and why.

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