Turning shopper insights into company-wide memes

Turning shopper insights into company-wide memes: a Dannon case

Dannon disrupts shopper research by engaging with a tribe of shoppers. Impact is the name of the game in market research. There are two critical success factors to activate an organisation with the outcome of research: a co-creative platform where employees can interact with the insights and a research method that generates immersive data to feed in this platform.

Dannon has set up an Insight Activation Studio, a cross-department collaboration platform where employees are inspired to interact with the research results and turn shopper insights into concrete ideas, stronger brands and future-proof business concepts. Feeding this platform is the “Healthy Minded People community”, a tribe of almost 100 shoppers across seven retailers in the US taking part in mobile ethnography, shopper safaris and ideation challenges.

Presented at the ESOMAR Congress on Tuesday September 29, 2015 by Niels Schillewaert (InSites Consulting) and Holly Rozelle (Dannon). Awarded with the ESOMAR Congress 2015 Best Paper Overall Award.