Ready for the Zoomers?

Ready for the Zoomers - Gen Z report

Gen Z was born into a technological world. This digitally native generation is social-media-literate, always-on and hyper-informed. Online platforms are not only their means to be in the know or stay connected, but above all allow them to amplify their voice. From #MeToo to Black Lives Matter, Gen Z is not afraid to question authority and call out injustice. Growing up against the backdrop of social upheaval, climate change and a global health crisis, it’s a generation that struggles with mental well-being, but they don’t hold back to openly talk it. With many coming of age during the pandemic, the past two years put a mark on their lives and outlook on the future.

So what characterizes these Zoomers, and how are they different from the generations before them? In this report, we shed a light on what makes Gen Z tick and what they expect from brands.

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