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Do you ever talk to your consumer?
And we are not referring to observing researchers interviewing customers, but to actually sitting down to connect with consumers who are buying or using your product or services.
No? Truth is, you are no exception.

Did you know that most employees never meet or talk to a ‘real’ consumer? Consumer knowledge is often based on abstract quotes and numbers from various reports, which might lead to a misrepresentation of the consumer and cloud decision making.

To truly understand the consumer behind the data, company stakeholders need to directly connect with consumers. Our Consumer Connect program builds these powerful consumer connections by combining state-of-the-art technology with human engagement.

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  • We know not everyone feels comfortable connecting directly with consumers. In an interactive and hands-on training, we showcase why and how to talk to consumers, how to use a discussion guide, and how to collect and share personal stories.

  • Select who you want to connect with using our library of interesting and interested consumer profiles. Filter profiles based on region, topic, product use… to find your perfect match.

  • Get to know your consumer in a one-on-one video call using a tailored conversation guide. It’s all about building empathy by better understanding the consumer behind the numbers and the person behind the consumer.

  • Our proprietary Studio is the central hub where everything comes together. In preparation for a meeting or workshop, you can watch videos of the different Consumer Connects, or search the archive (which is organized per category/ theme) for meaningful observations.

To become truly consumer centric, brands need to shift from simply listening to consumers, to collaborating with consumers. Find out more in our bookzine Unlocking the Power of Consumers.

Mars Petcare

Connecting with Pet Parents is critical to our Customer Centricity agenda at Mars Petcare. With our consumer connect program ‘Empathy hour’, we can get associates from all levels of the organization to build deep connections with and understanding of people and their pets. The program helps us to upskill in brand building, allows to use fresh insights as a springboard for ideation and support us in crafting solutions for communication, products and services.

–  Mars Petcare



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