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Creative Crowdsourcing by InSites Consulting

Want to boost your innovation, branding or customer experience challenge with out-of-the-box ideas? Meet eÿeka, our creative crowdsourcing platform! This unique ideation solution delivers from on average 30 inspiring new ideas via global ideation contests in just a matter of days.

An outsider perspective can breathe life into brands. In fact, 92% of winning ideas come from countries different than where the brief originated. To ensure this truly outside-in perspective, we open our contests to creatives from +165 countries.

What creative crowdsourcing can do for your brand

  • What we do?

    Based on a solid brief we set up a global ideation contest and invite our creators to submit their ideas or concepts.

    What we deliver?

    Depending on the brief, the output can range from raw ideas to market-ready concepts.

Creative Crowdsourcing Brand Logos

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Katerina Stavrellis Arnott's testimonial

“The crowdsourcing project allowed us to take a step back from the brand and ‘think outside the box’, thus resulting in an amazing stretch of ideas for the Shapes brand.”

Kath Stavrellis, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist, The Arnott’s Group

Bridging the Creativity Gap

The Creativity Gap

Involving the right crowd to get to ideas that spark. Creativity is the number one skill needed to survive and thrive in the current market reality. How do you unlock creativity for your brand? And how are you managing your creative capacity?

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Why us?


Proprietary network of creative consumers

With a network of +566.000 designers, copywriters and creative thinkers in +167 countries, we bring in a fresh skillset on a global scale.


Collaborative creativity

We bring creativity to live in our interactive workshops and collaboration tools to move from ideation to impact.


A proven format

Our winning ideas have been successfully launched in-markets across the globe.


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Creative crowdsourcing expert

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