Culture + Trends

Culture + Trends by InSites Consulting

Culture shifts and emerging trends are shaping your consumer, your category and your brand. We help you to identify, understand and act upon these changes, now and in the future.

Culture + Trends draws from a unique blend of resources, including our Illume network of leading-edge consumers, and extensive knowledge library and a team of future-consumer experts.

What Culture + Trends can do for your brand

  • What we do?

    Map how consumer lifestyles are set to change in the coming years.

    What we deliver?

    We clarify how changing lifestyles have an impact on your category or brand and which opportunities these bring.

  • What we do?

    Understand emerging consumer needs.

    What we deliver?

    We create future-facing innovation platforms for consumer-centric innovation.

  • What we do?

    Leverage genuine cultural change.

    What we deliver?

    We build powerful creative territories for brands to tap into, for example in communications & marketing.

  • What we do?

    Evaluate and optimise concepts or brand propositions with leading- edge consumers

    What we deliver?

    We supercharge and future-proof concepts authentically appealing to your target audience.

Culture + Trends credentials

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This piece of insight is fundamental to understanding how our customers are feeling; and, in turn, how we go about bringing some of these technology innovations to market.

Nikki Humphries, Trends & Digital Insight Lead, Royal Bank of Scotland

2022 Consumer Trends Report

2022 Consumer Trends report

As experts in people-centric future thinking, we identified 10 consumer trends for 2022, and we validated these with 15,000 consumers in 17 markets around the globe. This report shows the emerging trends that are shaping the 2022 consumer.

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Why us?


We use a bespoke blend of resources in combination with our proprietary Human Drivers model.


Our Illume Network of carefully selected cultural curators. Leading edge consumers with a specific passion, able to articulate what’s new or next.


The specialists in our Culture + Trends team draw from a range of disciplines providing culture and trend insights for almost ten years.