Insight Communities

Insight Communities

Brands need to stay close to their consumers and collaborate with them to stay relevant. Only by truly understanding consumers’ needs, frictions and aspirations, brands will be able to develop impactful solutions. This is where online insight communities come in.

An insight community is a strategic capability for a 360° collaboration with consumers, enabling flexible decision making. Our proprietary Square platform is the ultimate gateway to connect with and learn from consumers.

What insight communities can do for your brand

Based on our expertise in consumer-brand collaborations, we have identified four prevalent business needs, that drive four different community types:


  • What we do

    Via agile, exploratory techniques, we test your brand proposition(s) on the Square, our insight community platform. Think for example about pack testing, gathering feedback on TV commercials or testing new ideas for potential innovations.

    What we deliver

    Concrete recommendations to fine-tune and further optimize your original propositions, thereby fueling fast decision making.

  • What we do

    Through a combination of research activities, we immerse in consumers’ daily lives via the Square, our insight community platform. Our mobile-first approach allows to uncover their thoughts and experiences at key interaction moments for your brand.

    What we deliver

    A deep understanding of your category, market or target group through a fresh set of relevant insights.

  • What we do

    Based on your strategic marketing challenge (CX, branding & communication, or innovation), we install (parts of) a modular research program, assisting you all the way from insight generation to in-market performance. Thereby, we collaborate with the right consumer via the right activities in the Square, our community platform.

    What we deliver

    Concrete guidance to fuel decision making regarding a specific marketing domain or business objective (i.e., CX, branding & communication, or innovation).

  • What we do

    Via foundational qualitative and quantitative research, we help you to address all your research needs on one platform, the Square.

    What we deliver

    A capability that allows to launch any research question at any time within a dedicated group of consumers, supporting consumer-centric thinking throughout the entire organization. As such, we democratize research across the business, and this in full-service, Do-It-Together (DIT), or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mode, depending on your business’ needs.

Insight Communities credentials

We’d love to showcase what Insight Communities can do for your brand. So get in touch to request your showcase!

Lucie Fromente Claquin - Danone

“Our ‘World of Yoghurt’ community allows us to connect with consumers on a continuous basis for tactical as well as strategic matters. Compared to the past, we do more impactful research at a faster pace with a lower overall investment. It is a great tool which supports Danone’s consumer-centricity approach.”

Lucie Fromenté Claquin, Senior Strategy & Insights Manager, Danone

Online Insight Communities

Online Insight Communities

Research communities, online discussions boards, bulletin boards, insight ecosystems… what’s in a name. In this bookzine, we bring clarity by defining four different community types, each linked to a concrete research need, illustrated with best practices. 

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Why us?


Solid foundation,
flexible control

The one-off investment in your community infrastructure gives you a solid basis for any future qualitative or quantitative research challenge.

Take a place in the driver’s seat to make optimal use of our 360° activity toolbox and our flexible service model.


Digital by design,
human by nature

Our hybrid approach brings together the best of human and digital.

Our safe and mobile-first technology is the backbone to bring consumers closer than before with the help of our certified Global Moderator Network and community engagement expertise.


Strategic focus,
tactical agility

An insight community connects business stakeholders and consumer at moments that matter.

Deep dive into strategic innovation, customer experience or branding challenges or assess any dimension of the product mix to fuel ideas and proposition development.


Niels Schillewaert
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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