You wish to listen to and track (real-time) consumer needs, perceptions, beliefs and experiences, to trigger (real-time) actions for improving business performance.

Through our modular tracking approach, your business keeps a constant finger on the pulse in any business challenge.

What our tracking solutions can do for your brand

  • What we do

    We create a tailor-made brand health module dedicated to translating your brand strategy into concrete measures. Our encompassing ‘Brand Religions’ vision supports the development of the most relevant brand measure KPIs.

    What we deliver

    Longitudinal insights in how your brand is performing, to fuel new brand initiatives.

  • What we do

    We build a tailor-made customer experience survey module dedicated to in-the-moment touchpoint tracking. We use a broad set of research activities in a mobile-first approach, being close to your consumers’ moments of truth.

    Wat we deliver

    Longitudinal insights in how consumers are experiencing and evaluating touchpoints, to improve the customer experience.

  • What we do

    We craft a tailor-made module dedicated to contextual understanding of people, by measuring the evolution of their habits, needs, experiences and opinions in a broader (category) context.

    What we deliver

    Longitudinal insights in how consumers are changing over time, to discover new opportunity areas.

Tracking credentials

We’d love to showcase what our tracking solutions could do for your brand.  So get in touch to request your showcase!

Mauro Oretti SkyTeam testimonial

“At SkyTeam, our position is to help member airlines offer customers a more seamless travel experience. With the SkyPriority Panel project, we can offer our members crucial real-time feedback; thus allowing them to improve the customer experience.”

Mauro Oretti, Vice President Marketing and Commercial, SkyTeam Airline Alliance

Brand Religions bookzine by InSites Consulting

Brand Religions

Simplifying the world of marketing, grouping the most popular books, frameworks and beliefs in different schools of thoughts or ‘brand religions’. So what is your brand religion and are you measuring brand success the right way?

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Why us?


Solid foundation,
flexible control

A modular approach, allowing you to be flexible aside from your core tracking KPIs. We tear down the walls between brand, customer experience and innovation, and switch different modules on or off depending on your business needs.


Strategic focus,
tactical agility

A tracker wave never lasts longer than 15 minutes, so consumers stay engaged and focus on key metrics that drive your business needs. We first pilot and refine to move forward with the right metrics that support your strategic choices and tactical executions.


Digital by design,
human by nature

As digital native agency, we have almost 25 years of online research experience. Our academic experts have established fresh thinking by incorporating contemporary frameworks in our approach, such as the ‘Brand Religions’.


Niels Schillewaert
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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