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Our state-of-the-art insight management platform, the Square, is the ultimate one-stop shop to do better research, blending the best of human and technology in a flexible service model.

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Why InSites Consulting?

The right ‘blend’ of consumers

The ‘blend’ of consumers taking part in research is critical to success. We tap into three different communities, each bringing a diverse, yet relevant perspective to the table.

A versatile research toolbox

Our research toolbox offers a multitude of activities, solutions and programs, allowing brands to become truly immersed in the consumer reality. Hear, feel and see what consumers want and need.

Beyond generating insights

Driving new and powerful insights from consumers is silver; but doing something meaningful with them is gold! With our Insight Activation Studio, we activate insights and increase the ROI of research.

Better Together Vol 4 - Closing the relevance gap

Online Insight Communities

Research communities, online discussions boards, bulletin boards, insight ecosystems… what’s in a name. In this bookzine, we bring clarity by defining four different community types, each linked to a concrete research need, illustrated with best practices. 

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Discover how we helped clients become truly consumer-centric

Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch of Perrigo’s ACO brand

Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch

Perrigo launched its ACO skincare brand successfully in the German market through a versatile mix of Culture + Trends analysis and leading-edge consumer insights.

Collaborating with the right consumers at the right time to fuel Fanta's innovation funnel

Collaborating with the right consumers at the right time

Fanta tapped into the power of diverse consumers via an iterative innovation approach; providing 140 raw ideas, leading to 21 consumer validated concepts.

How creative crowdsourcing inspired new snacking flavours for Arnott’s

How creative crowdsourcing inspired new snacking flavours

Arnott’s introduced three new snacking flavours as a result from a fully digital hybrid ideation track in only seven weeks time.