How innovative disrupters support healthcare services

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Healthcare tends to feature regularly in the news, is (near the) top of the list when it comes to political policies and is something each of us will engage with at various moments in life. It remains a fundamental necessity in all societies, and something people often feel passionately about. Recent years have seen a huge influx of innovative disrupters finding their way into the healthcare landscape, looking to provide consumers with a quicker and (more) affordable access to solutions.

Instant access to healthcare

Instant 24-hour access to GP services and medical professionals is now more commonly advertised and available, via platforms such as Push Doctor and Doctolib. The increased visibility of such platforms and services was brought on partially by the rather challenging access to more traditional healthcare providers during the height of COVID-19. During the pandemic, healthcare services were under immense pressure in many countries, prioritising corona patients and trying to stop the spread of infection. Said services were limited to those who needed them the most, however some were afraid to appeal to them. Consequently, some looked for other avenues to support their needs.

Inclusive connectivity

In our 2022 Consumer Trends Report: Rebound + Rebalance, we identify ‘Inclusive Connectivity’ as one of the ten trends for this year. Brands can tap into this trend by creating collaborative virtual and online spaces, which we are increasingly making services more accessible in the healthcare space. Such online services often give more flexibility and speed of access, but there can of course be drawbacks, with limitations to diagnosing over the phone or on videocall as opposed to in person.

A number of app-based and online solutions have opened up aspects of healthcare which are now becoming more acceptable to be undertaken at home, as well as putting the individual in the driving seat. For example, at-home blood testing and diagnostics has the potential to catch problems earlier, if done within the comfort of your own home, rather than putting off booking that appointment until later. Menstrual tracking apps such as Natural Cycles allow for more ownership and detailed understanding of an individual’s fertility.

Going beyond traditional healthcare providers

Not only newer innovative companies are helping to make our lives easier. Amazon, one of the biggest global companies, engrained in the online shopping and online streaming world, launched Amazon Pharmacy to support repeat prescriptions. For many, there already is an established trust in and credibility of the retailer, and a regularity of use, making it an easier transition to broaden the services Amazon is being utilised for.

Making healthcare services more accessible is starting to change the expectations we have within this sector, but are there any risk or challenges which might come along with this? Exploring options beyond a traditional healthcare service often comes at a financial cost, and this affordability issue has an impact on the accessibility agenda, and on who may or may not be able to access such healthcare services. Tying together the numerous independent retailers, services and healthcare providers is likely to prove to be tricky, and could form a challenge when your doctor needs to have all the information at hand to paint the full picture. That said, making healthcare more inclusive, with quicker access to professionals and information about your health, will hopefully bring further positive changes in the years to come.

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