The big playing survey

Over the month of April 2010, Flemish parents and Flemish children were questioned about the playing frequency within the overall leisure activities of 8-12 year olds, and about the purchase and use of toys. Karrewiet of Ketnet, Radio 2 and the Toy Museum endeavored to find answers to these questions in cooperation with InSites Consulting.

We will share some 2010 playing trends with you:

  • Flemish 8-12 year olds spend more than 3 hours per day behind a screen. This is not surprising, since approximately 30% have a game console in their own room, 25% an own television and 20% a computer.
  • Game consoles and particularly Nintendo DS are the most popular toys. Online games are also seeing strong growth.
  • Digital play is therefore most popular, though classics such as LEGO (mainly popular among boys) and handicrafts (mainly popular among girls) are also a mainstay. Our children are not passive, for cycling and trampolining are also very popular.
  • 25% of children usually play alone. One in three children feel their parents should make more time to play with them.
  • Traditional games such as tag and football rule at the playground. If children could choose, they would like to have a trampoline at school. The new craze for trading games such as Bakugan is banned in half of Flemish schools.
  • Annually, parents spend on average € 245.00 per child on toys and are primarily guided in their choice by ‘the joy of the child ‘. Their own best memories are of LEGO.
  • Parents mainly want their children to move and be creative. Learning to cooperate is the most important to them when their child plays with others. The competitive spirit – which clearly exists among children – is not at all emphasized by parents. Parents generally prefer playing UNO, Monopoly or a puzzle with their children.

Toys that 8-12 year olds play with most often

  1. Nintendo DS/Dsi/DsiXL
  2. Bicycles/tricycles/scooters
  3. Computer/PC games
  4. Painting and drawing
  5. Nintendo Wii
  6. Trampoline
  7. LEGO
  8. Online games/surfing
  9. Balls
  10. Sony PlayStation
  11. Roller skates, inline skating, skateboard
  12. UNO
  13. Miniature figures and animals
  14. Monopoly
  15. Swimming pool

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