Driving new and powerful insights from consumers is silver; but doing something meaningful with them is gold!

Meet the Insight Activation Studio, the digital backbone of your research program which allows to activate insights and increase the ROI of research. This creative hub empowers stakeholders to discover research take-aways, share consumer inspiration and/or co-create new ideas and concepts.

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The Insight Activation Studio
Impact is the (new) name of the game

Impact is the (new) name of the game

Turning insights into action. Why is it that marketing research is struggling to drive impact? Are research professionals stuck in an executional role? How do we change the role of insight professionals within the organization and turn the CMI team into a valuable business partner?

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Gone are huge reports, features only actionable take-aways.


Designed to your research needs.

Short & snappy

Snappy and bite size content.

One place

One hub for all your research take-aways and ideation challenges.


Stimulate cross team learnings and consumer centricity.

Mobile first

Easy access anytime, anywhere.


Annelies Verhaeghe
Head of Research Innovation
Managing Partner InSites Consulting

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