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Getting close

Immersing in the daily lives of customers, developing a deep contextual understanding of their behavior and motivations.

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Insight activation

Turning consumer observations into meaningful insights, formulating and validating insights for maximal impact.

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Activating brands

Understanding and driving brand identification, co-creating and validating brand activation.

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Shaping ideas & concepts

Ideating, co-creating and validating new ideas and concepts based on validated insights.

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Shaping products & services

Optimizing and validating marketing mix elements in order to drive product and service performance.

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Shaping user experience

Understanding and optimizing user experience in order to drive satisfaction, conversations and recommendations.

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Tracking performance

Assessing marketing performance through brand, conversation and satisfaction monitoring.Read more

Consumer Consulting Boards

Structural collaboration between a mid-sized group of consumers via a closed and moderated online community platform during an extended time frame.

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Online interviews

Getting ‘up close and personal’ with hard-to-reach people or discuss sensitive subjects is what one-on-one interviews are all about.Read more

Digital surveys

What we do to people is as important as what we ask them. We extend this view also very much into our survey propositions, making them more engaging, fun and attractive!

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Social media listening

Our ground-breaking and award-winning social media netnography approach facilitates insight generation, enhances brand understanding, sparks ideation, and tracks marketing activation impact.

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Consumer-led ethnography

We engage people to observe their own environment for us and then we empower other people with various views to co-interpret these observations.

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Online group discussions

Our digital viewing facilities offer an informal ‘café’-like setting: fast familiarity between equal discussion partners, frank & sharp debates with rational argumentation, well-balanced with emotionality, and a good atmosphere throughout.

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External leverage

Typically, research is kept away from the outside world. Yet it offers enormous opportunities to relevantly put your brand, product or service in the spotlight. Read more

Internal leverage

Having insights without people bringing them into action is useless. We drive ultimate customer centricity by uniting employees and other stakeholders around the customer.Read more

Knowledge leverage

Making smarter decisions is still the core deliverable of marketing research. Using a variety of innovative methods and techniques, we engage customers to think harder and better. Read more

Do the test

What do YOU do? Forget your elevator speech and meet Seda Atam

Being a research consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands is an exciting job. Every day, my colleague Rachel and I get to talk about how they can improve their offering and experiences. Brands that put consumers in the spotlight are those that really stick around; we could spend hours talking about case studies on this topic (and often do – even amongst ourselves). But when it comes to talking about ourselves, we freeze. Who are we and what do we do? And why should you care?Read more

Customer Innovation

Innovate or die!

Companies rarely die from moving too rapidly and they frequently die from moving too slowly”. It surely is a memorable quote by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. When listening to Professor Marion Debruyne passionately introducing her new book on crafting customer-centric strategies for enduring growth, one can only readily agree!
Our own CEO, Kristof De Wulf, threw in some less lady-like oneliners such as “When your eyes are only looking at the organization, your ass is facing the customer” (by Yudai), to kick off our London Smartees on Consumer-Activated Innovation.Read more

Consumer-activated companies

Stop being a customer-centric organization

As published on Switch & Shift on Monday June 30, 2014. Do you know a single company that would dare pretend not to be customer-centric? By closely listening to consumers, carefully studying market trends and taking their customer service at heart, companies get out of their way to exceed consumer expectations, drive repeat business and boost brand recommendations. However, the effects of being customer-centric typically don’t endure, leading only to merely temporary improvements in their performances. Read more

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