Our company values

Our mission is to empower people to shape a sustainable future of brands. What connects us as a team is a passion and curiosity in what lies ahead. What gives us energy and makes us proud is the magic of getting to the future first. To get there, we unify our whole company via our forward values:

  • We want to lead change instead of just follow, anticipating hurdles, innovating, embracing the future and being pro-active and critical. We will never be done. We do things the way we feel is right, and make changes when we find out that things have changed. We accept this cycle of growth to never stop.

  • Being open, honest and direct is the best foundation to build and grow any relationship. We encourage everyone to speak up and are open to learn from each other. We embrace diversity in thoughts, opinions and backgrounds. This not just holds for internal relationships, but also for external relationships with suppliers, media, influencers… We openly share our thoughts and ideas with the world, thereby driving value and growth of our business.

  • We are serious about commitment and obtaining results. We work hard and put in the extra effort to get things done. We believe in professionalism and operational excellence. We strive to make ourselves more efficient and impactful, learning from mistakes. We set and exceed our own high standard, constantly raising the bar, wanting to wow.

  • We are more than just the sum of great individuals. We team up with one another for a bigger impact and greater happiness, leveraging on each other’s unique individual strengths. We care for and put trust in each other. We do not just work, we also have fun together.

  • We embrace, encourage and drive change enthusiastically. We reward people for acting in an entrepreneurial way, taking ownership of new initiatives and behaving every day as if our company was a start-up.

  • We are respectful to everyone and strive to eliminate any kind of cynicism and negative interaction. We create harmony with each other and everyone else we interact with. We are not arrogant nor do we treat other differently from how we would want to be treated. We welcome diversity and encourage everyone to #BeWhoYouAre.

  • We allow crazy things to happen and even support it. A daily dose of fun and humour is what keeps us from becoming bureaucratic and boring. We want this little touch of weirdness to happen as it makes life more interesting and fun for everyone. And in the end, it provides the extra energy to go for it.