DVV meets GenerationY

What is the link between youngsters, the number 3.105 and insurance?? An open invitation to participate, a cool mini-site (nestverlaters.be / je-quitte-mes-parents.be), a smart gamified questionnaire and a long term interaction strategy. This cocktail led  to the  activation of youngsters to share with DVV/Les AP (Belgian Insurance Company) their needs, their vision of life and their (in-) competence to concern about insurance products and services. DVV/Les AP dared to take the step, to start the conversation with Generation Y.
“When youngsters leave their homes, they have to make several choices,” says Luc Rasschaert, member of the board at DVV. “What’s going on in their minds at this particular moment in time? And what role can we as an insurance company play in this interesting timeframe? We needed answers to this important questions and we think the DVV-youthsurvey was a great solution to tackle this gap of knowledge.”
The response we got on the survey was immediate and quite impressive. Who said youngsters are difficult to reach? 🙂 Within two weeks 3.105 youngsters filled out the survey. And more than 60% of those youngsters indicated they want to keep in touch with DVV/Les AP. 1.863 new, potential relationships came to live. Wow! Check out the results in the slidedeck below. They’re also available for download here (pdf-alert).

Nestverlaters onderzoek DVV

The success of this campaign is based upon the openness of  DVV to listen to the consumers ‘voice (‘we need your help, we want to know you better’), the readiness of consumers to co-create with brands  (“Goed idee, het is volgens mij belangrijk om dichter bij de klant te staan om hem/haar beter te kunnen helpen. En daarvoor is er geen betere methode dan de klant zelf te laten aangeven wat hij al heeft, nog wil en verwacht” Flemish nestleaver) in combination with a smart gamification survey (“echt een toffe enquête. Niet vervelend. Ook leuk om direct feedback te krijgen en te zien hoe de andere jongeren het er van af brengen…” (*).  Also the creative co-operation of a multi-disciplinary team (client, marketing research, advertising and media) made this happen. If you want to see some more results, take a look at the nestverlaters.be / je-quitte-mes-parents.be website.

(*)InSites Consulting FoRwardD Lab is investigating the gamification opportunities to the fullest extent. Since we noticed that the elements of gamification that we included in our survey worked pretty well, we took immediate action to gather further proof. A test of the different game mechanics within surveys is now being conducted, stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out this presentation by Elias Veris (R) on Slideshare:

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