Youngsters want to be more involved in politics

Six out of ten youngsters aged 15 to 25 in the UK think politicians these days should involve the fellowyouth more often in their policies. If they called the shots, they would deal with the following issues first, in order of importance: economic crisis, global warming and third world problems. Half of them also think it’s important to work responsibly with the environment. They are not worried at all about genetically manipulated food, the aging populating and the globalisation of society. So is revealed by the results of a large-scale new InSites Consulting youth survey amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries
Just like in the UK racism is a more important topic for Millennials in France, the Netherlands and Poland, and they are least concerned about it in China and Romania. Quite some GenY youngsters would deal with the current economic crisis as top priority. Apart from the UK and the USA this is also mainly the case in Mediterranean countries. In areas where the recession has less impact, such as Germany and the BRIC countries, this evidently is not a priority. Global warming is the least of the worries for youth in the USA, Russia and Poland, whereas Indian and Brazilian youngsters are very worried about it. Other environmental problems such as air and water pollution and deforestation can also count on a lot of attention from youth in the BRIC countries and Romania.

“Warm is the new cool. This generation of youngsters wants companies to take their responsibility and to take a social and ecological responsible standpoint.” says Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert and author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot. 

Furthermore half of British youngsters believes that companies should involve their generation more often in the company management. In Italy and Brazil no less than three quarters focus on that. In Spain and Russia this is just under 70%.
Looking for more Gen Y insights? Download the detailed results of our youth survey:

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