We use Consumer Consulting Boards to generate fresh and relevant consumer insights and to embed the voice of consumers in your organization.

An engaged online community

A Consumer Consulting Board is a closed, moderated online and mobile community of interesting and interested consumers collaborating with an organization or brand over time. Participants are carefully selected and screened in function of desired group diversity and the strategic challenges to be met. In order to ensure deep engagement and learning, we limit the number of participants to Dunbar’s number of 150 for optimal social glue. We drive participants’ intrinsic motivation by allowing for autonomy (‘I am free to do or not do this’), lifting on competence (‘I am good at this’), creating relatedness (‘People like me do this’) and rewarding value (‘What I do is important’).

Consecutive, iterative learning over time

The Consumer Consulting Board can be used to either support a well-defined challenge during a limited period of time or to develop a structural, ongoing consumer collaboration capability to support a broader range of challenges. As a Consumer Consulting Board allows for consecutive, iterative learning over time, it delivers 50 times more interactions than focus groups and generates more contextual and deeper insights.

3 formats for consumer collaboration

We tune the Consumer Consulting Board to the rhythm and needs of your company. By clearly aligning the needs of all stakeholders, we create a balanced and customized mix of 3 different collaboration formats: (1) intense and deep collaboration on a specific strategic theme (deep dives), (2) fast feedback on more tactical questions (48-hour challenges) and (3) open consumer listening (bottom-up feedback).

360° consumer activation mix

We apply a diverse mix of engaging and inspiring consumer activation techniques, using a combination of individual vs group, feedback vs creative tasks or natural vs activated tasks. Our gamified consumer collaboration techniques result in seven times more relevant on-topic arguments. While discussions are mainly taking place online, we also facilitate offline connections with participants when relevant.

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Consumer Consulting Boards