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Get to know London

The capital and largest city in the United Kingdom, London has been a major settlement for more than two millennia. Considered one of the most important global cities, London has earned the reputation as the most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most visited, most expensive, most innovative, most sustainable, and most investment-friendly city in the world.

InSites Consulting has taken up residence in Clerkenwell; the one-time home of the Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, Lord Oliver Cromwell, and Sir Grayson Perry, and is today considered the “spiritual home” of London’s Italian population (largely because of St Peter’s Italian Church).

Through the years, Clerkenwell has been the scene of religion, riots, gentrification (the 17th century kind), revolution, industry, slums, and in recent years, rejuvenation with a renewed sense of creativity and design. When the factories, printers, and industry moved out, creatives, young professionals and start-ups moved in, discovering large warehouse-style properties in need of refurbishment, on the doorstep of the city and the West End. This second wave of gentrification leads us to the Clerkenwell of today, where the late Alexander McQueen’s head office is close to big social housing projects, million pound plus penthouses and Amnesty International. It’s not all beautiful, but it makes for an eclectic and exciting mix.

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