Anita Peerdeman

Anita Peerdeman

Managing Partner

 [email protected]

 +49 211 5421 6643

Düsseldorf office

Erkrather Strasse 401

40231 Düsseldorf



With her >25 years of research & marketing experience at both agency and client side, Anita, as a global client partner, supports clients in developing research programs that meet business objectives on branding, comms and innovation. Orchestrating these programs and setting up the research-delivering teams for success; ensuring quality standards, installing synergy effects and driving motivation and inspiration.

As Head of Global Business Development, she is working with an expanding team of business developers around the globe, to contribute to the organic growth of InSites Consulting by unlocking new business opportunities in various sectors, geographies and business solutions.

On a personal level, Anita is the proud mum of two bold sons, Wouter & Corné. She has gained teaching experience while being a dance teacher, but also loves to host guest lectures about market research at universities. She seeks inspiration in great stories (books and movies), gets energized by wining & dining with friends, and participates in a twice-a-week yoga & dance class to stay fit & healthy.

My latest blog posts

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Wie verändert sich die Welt weiterhin in 2021?

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