Cat Bryant

Cat Bryant

Research Team Director

 [email protected]

Manchester office

51 Lever Street

M11FN Manchester

United Kingdom


Hello! I’m Cat, a senior researcher since 2005. I spent a year honing my quant skills at IRI, then worked for 10 years at BrainJuicer (now System1 Research), where I learnt the principle of applying Behavioural Economics to consumer research and won the ESOMAR Young Researcher Award. In 2017, I joined InSites Consulting (then Join the Dots), where I help my FMCG and media clients to better understand their customers.​

I got into research because I’m passionate about understanding how people make decisions, and fascinated by how framing concepts differently can have a huge impact on people’s response. I enjoy working across the innovation funnel, from early-stage idea generation and testing to brand and campaign tracking, with a particular interest in pack testing.​

My other great passion in life is my greyhound, Ronnie, who is enjoying his retirement from racing by spending as much time on the sofa as possible.​