Leen Boels

Leen Boels

Senior Research Manager

 [email protected]

 +32 9 269 12 27

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent



Leen has several years of experience in market research and at InSites Consulting. She started in 2015 as a qualitative research consultant, and evolved into a hybrid consultant, mastering qualitative and quantitative research methods.

She has a background in innovation & entrepreneurship, and works for both local and international brands such DNS België, Maxeda, NMBS, MediaMarkt, Tally Weijl, Adecco, Hanes Brands… Her focus lies within the industry of technology, services and retail.

Immersing into the lives of consumers and helping clients find answers to their research questions & challenges is what drives Leen in the job. She is overall responsible for research projects and adds value to crucial milestones of project, presentations and workshops.

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