Pieter De Vuyst

Pieter De Vuyst

Managing Partner | Head of Client Delivery

 [email protected]

 +32 9 269 14 10

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent



Pieter picked up the InSites Consulting DNA during his 2007 summer internship. After successfully completing an advanced master in Marketing Analysis, he rejoined the team as research consultant.

Until 2018, Pieter was located both in Ghent and in Rotterdam, whilst managing multi-method research programs over the past years. In his then role as global business director, he has supported c-level profiles in building consumer-centric organizations.

Since 2018, Pieter has been acting as Head of Project Services, leading +70 smart cookies in the agile and qualitative implementation and delivery of projects. Passionate about research, enthusiastic about strategic marketing, Pieter is still actively involved in client management and consulting for global key accounts.

Pieter loves to explore the world but has a crush on Ghent. He met his girlfriend during the longest first date ever in Costa Rica, acknowledges his house is owned by his cat and continuously pursues his dream to create a boardgame. Indie rock. Swimming. Food sharing.

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