Sarah Van Oerle

Sarah Van Oerle

Content Activation Manager

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 +32 9 269 14 35

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent



Sarah started her career in research and consultancy in 2012, with an academic focus on services research in the healthcare sector. She joined InSites in 2016 after obtaining a PhD in Applied Economics-Marketing. She has published in international marketing journals such as the Journal of Service Management and Psychology & Marketing.​

Having joined InSites as a Research Manager with a focus on patient co-creation, she has gained expertise in collaborating with large international clients (UCB, TEVA and Pfizer…); today, she is active as a content marketer, inspiring people on ‘all things research’ with easy-to-digest content pieces. ​

My latest blog posts

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Gen Z x Sustainable future [EUR infographic]

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Gen Z & Metaverse [EUR infographic]

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