Scott Lee

Scott Lee

Global Client Partner Finance & Fintech

 [email protected]

Hong Kong SAR office

500 Hennessy Road

 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR

People's Republic of China


Scott’s career in market research spans over 25 years; as a psychology graduate (Cambridge University), his passion lies in understanding consumer needs and behaviors. ​

In 2012, he launched ABN Impact in Hong Kong, with a vision to bring insight communities into Asia, growing the business to almost half of the revenue for ABN Impact group in Asia. More recently, Scott has also been pioneering the use of Design Thinking in research on communities and took on the role of Chief Client Officer for ABN Impact in 2019, covering 7 markets. ​

In 2019, ABN Impact was acquired by InSites Consulting; Scott became Senior Client Partner for the APAC Region driving aspects of the integration as well as key account development and business development. ​

My latest blog posts

Digital Design Re-Thinking for HSBC Indonesia

Written by Kurt Thompson / Scott Lee

Amid the global pandemic, HSBC Indonesia wanted to better understand how they could stay relevant and achieve growth. We helped the bank achieve its objectives through an online community and Consumer Connects.

2022 Trends in Finance

2022 Trends in Finance

Written by Scott Lee

The multitude of lockdown measures forced banks and financial institutions to rethink and reshape their service offering. Entering 2022, we see people reclaiming their lives and re-evaluating how they spend their time, energy and money. This blogpost will highlight three trends which will shape finance in the year to come.

Design Re-Thinking

Design Re-Thinking: the route towards customer centricity

Written by Scott Lee

Around three years ago, we witnessed a spark between design thinking and insight communities. This trend deepened over the years, with insight communities becoming a supercharged medium for the application of design thinking.