12 keynotes that help you build to last

We all know today’s business reality is fast and furious. It is fast, knowing that, according to recent research from Yale University, the lifespan of a company has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century, averaging a mere 15 years today (which is 3 years less than our very own current age). It is furious, as new technologies will continuously drive massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years.
That is why organizations should build today to last beyond tomorrow. At InSites Consulting we so firmly believe in this, that we devoted our 2-day congress and teambuilding to this motto this year. Our entire team met up in Canterbury and shared the best of the past year on stage, using the concept of Build to Last as a leitmotiv.
To kick off of this Build to Last Congress (please note we consciously chose the present builD with a D over the past builT with a T), we prepared a short movie remixing and sampling 12 top speakers to add body and flesh to the concept of Build to Last, making it more tangible. The 27’ movie explains how to build to last, through 12 talks from inspiring people from all possible backgrounds through 4 building blocks:

  1. BUILDING BRIDGES, between teams and individuals, clients, suppliers and all other stakeholders
  2. BUILD FOR TOMORROW, by constantly experimenting, innovating and improving
  3. RECYCLE & HARVEST, by using your best work from the past and keeping it relevant for tomorrow
  4. STRUCTURAL COLLABORATION, by setting up long-lasting partnerships with clients, consumers and customers

Have a look at the inspiring short talks here in our recycled Build to Last movie

If you do not have the time for that right now, here’s the short version: 12 one-liners we firmly believe in in order to build to last in the future.
Build to last is about…

taking opportunities and that’s a lot of #hardwork
Ashton Kutcher @aplusk
not being individuals, but about working #together
Russel Crowe @russelcrowe
liking each other and #carrying on
The Guardian @guardian
having a long term vision but focusing on the #hereandnow
Bill Gates @billgates
#iterating and trying until you get better
Tom Wujec @tomwujec
not saying no, even when you (think you) have made it #1>0
Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee
knowing your #corevalue and being crazy enough to think you can change the world
Steve Jobs
building a #community with a common belief instead of sustaining a neutral workforce
Simon Sinek @Simonsinek
copying, #remixing and sampling from the best (competitors)
Kirby Ferguson @remixeverything
being #connected and staying connected to each other
Marc Zuckerberg @facebook
being small and #passionate and doing extraordinary things
Peter Diamandis @Peterdiamandis

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