4 emerging trends in consumer expectations

In January 2023, we launched the 2023 What Matters Report in collaboration with Space Doctors, part of the InSites Consulting group. The trend report highlights 12 emerging trends that matter to people in 2023, uncovered through detailed cultural analysis, collaboration with leading edge consumers from our Illume Network, across a 17-market quantification.  Read on for insight into some of the consumer trends for 2023.

12 Emerging Trends from Do What Matters Report

Trend 1: Social Health

Fuelled from feelings of loneliness and anxiety, people are now looking at well-being as a larger entity, including our social circles. This includes who we are friends with, as well as how we communicate in our relationships and friendships. Consumers are looking at how social interactions impact their emotional, physical and mental states and there is an emerging expectation that brands should support this. The NHS is already leading the charge when it comes to this trend by tackling the massive mental health problem with Gen Z by prescribing activities such as surfing and dancing to those suffering from anxiety to combat the long waiting list for therapy.

Trend 2: Local Flourishing

With global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, we are now realizing the limits of globalization and there is a trend becoming clear in 2023 of focusing on self-sufficiency. Consumers are investing more in local networks and are looking for bigger brands to follow suit. Global brands should look to how they can support local initiatives, for example Esteé Lauder’s incubator which they have launched to support homegrown Indian beauty start ups. Their program aims to provide guidance and give a platform to entrepreneurs within the sector. Even the largest organizations can do their bit to support smaller businesses.

Trend 3: Sensory Intensity

Again, driven through the digitalisation of almost everything during the pandemic, people are now searching for the opposite. In 2023, we are focusing on the full physical embodied experience of life, ecompassing all senses. The trend is focused on people’s need to experience the world in more dynamic ways, using sound, smell, touch and taste. Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney is capitalising on this through their Juno collection – music activated sex toys designed to amplify the sensory experience. Brands have only recently delved into sensory exploration in brand communication and innovation. Check out how we’re already supporting brands through the innovation process!

Trend 4: Into the Nuance

People are focusing on not only learning more about, but also communicating to others how we feel, think and function, as well as why. Mental health is continuing to be a key focus in 2023, with self-understanding being a key emerging trend amongst consumers. Brands should be looking to empower people to fully understand their unique selves. Apps like Clue, the period tracker, are helping people find patterns in their cycle and understand their body on a much deeper level.

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What Matters to People in 2023 – Trend Report

What are the consumer trends for 2023? In a year infused with distress, instability and vulnerability, people are searching for meaning. Whatever the context, this report will help you understand what matters to your audiences today and tomorrow.

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