Anouk Willems wins the MOA Young Talent Award

Did we get some great award news from the Netherlands or not?! Just like every year, the Dutch market research association (MOA) celebrates the best in market research with their MOAwards. We’re so proud to share that our very own Anouk Willems won the MOA Young Talent Award. With her enthusiasm, guts and innovative vision on our industry, she clearly blew the MOA jury away.
This is wat the judges said about Anouk:

“Anouk, you were sparkling and full of enthusiasm when you told your story to the jury. At InSites Consulting you are responsible for innovation. Your starting point is your wish to help change market research and your aim to show everyone and anyone that market research is super creative. That was your frame of mind in the past year while developing a new proposition for ongoing Consumer Consulting Boards. Furthermore you have an eye for ways to help customers generate impact through insights, among others by creating a social platform which encourages insight professionals to effectively and efficiently share insights with the organization while at the same time stimulating action. And the one thing which possibly stands out the most about you, is you know how to reach your customers, colleagues and students during presentations and guest lectures with your way of looking at the sector.”

And while market research wasn’t her first love, Anouk is now on a mission to show the different colors of market research and how it can impact business:

“During my student years, I didn’t aspire a career in market research. But whilst writing my thesis on collaboration and co-creation, I realized that this also is part of the course. And therefore that it also is entrepreneurial and innovating. I now consider it my mission to inspire others to see the different colors of market research. So stop seeing boring questionnaires, but look for ways to keep people involved in the long run and bring out the best in them.”

We’re of course very proud to have the MOA Young Talent in our team and look forward to (re)shaping the future of our industry together.

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