Best Presentation Award 2012 at ESOMAR 3D Conference

After the award announcement for How Cool Brands Stay Hot yesterday, it’s time for a new InSites Consulting award! Yesterday afternoon Annelies Verhaeghe (Head of Research Innovation) & Anouk Willems (Senior Research Innovator) presented at the ESOMAR 3D Conference in Amsterdam on Mobile Market Research. And they not only inspired the audience, but the organisation as well as ESOMAR awarded them with the Best Presentation Award of the 3D Conference.
2012 is the year of mobile, and many great market research attempts at integrating mobile in the toolbox have been made. So far, however, there are a couple of dimensions missing in the discussion. The presentation of Anouk & Annelies described:

  1. the benefits of mobile surveying, beyond the tool
  2. the use of mobile in Market Research Online Communities
  3. mobile as a topic of research and a huge business opportunity

The full presentation is available online (see embedded version below). Send an e-mail to [email protected] if you’d like to receive the full paper as well.

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