Customer centric or insight led – which one comes first?

“My company gets it that we need to become more consumer centric, yet it seems difficult to take concrete steps toward this in a structured way. It is also challenging to inspire colleagues beyond marketing. I wish we had better support tools and mechanisms to really increase our consumer centricity, organization wide.”

Does this sound familiar to your business? The drive to become customer centric is a movement, no doubt about that (even for B2B2C businesses), yet this noble ambition risks forming such an overwhelming ‘mission statement’ that companies literally don’t know where to start.

The art of chunking

One of our internal mantra’s at InSites Consulting is chunk it to dunk it – in order to achieve broader challenges we split them into manageable chunks of work. These easy to digest chunks ensure you don’t choke on the bigger meal and also take into account business reality and distractions that can interfere with high level goal attention.

That’s why becoming insight led is a great way for businesses to chunk the more aspirational goal of becoming customer centric. As a first step, it involves unifying your business around common definitions and ways of working with insights (finding them, writing them and using them).

Zooming out beyond the internal

 A risk in translating customer centric into first actions can be too literal a focus on traditional satisfaction measures or internally defined touchpoint tracking. The competitive and customer disruptions that force this customer centricity trend in the first place are really about staying relevant – and we argue relevance is achieved via zooming out and understanding customers broader lives and unmet needs. In other words: insight led.

Our new Consumer Centricity Academy is a scalable, blended (online & offline) and modular training program covering the ins and outs of insights. What’s an insight? How do we find and write the great ones? How do we create real impact by turning these golden insights into action?

Wish to become more customer-led and improve the competence level of insights in your organization? Let’s talk about the Consumer Centricity Academy!

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