Drag Queens, Activists & Sneakerheads

Our industry loves to talk people; we talk to ‘the consumer’ all day, every day. Yet, for the most part this is our consumer, today’s consumer, and generally the mass market.

There’s a problem with this; it’s all a bit too comfortable. It reinforces our existing beliefs and leads to short-termism in marketing.

It’s time that we talk about a different kind of consumer. The leading-edge consumer. Individuals with an extreme view who can open up new avenues of thinking and offer foresights and fresh opportunities for brands. Yes, it can be a little uncomfortable, but it can also be a wonderful and eye-opening experience.

In the video below, I share seven tips on how to use leading-edge consumers to successfully navigate cultural change and future-proof your brand.

So remember!

  1. Use sparingly: engage leading-edge consumers when you need to understand the future or supercharge your go-to-market strategy.
  2. Handle carefully: leading-edge consumers are a precious resource. Pay them fairly for their expertise, use them on the right projects and set the right objectives.
  3. Mix well: leading-edge are a useful addition to regular consumers, they are not a replacement.
Unlocking the power of consumers

Unlocking the power of consumers

Different people come with a different set of unique skills and competences. Research has shown that out of every 100 people, 90 merely consume content, 9 will like, share or react to what is created, and only 1 will actually create something. And this is no different for consumers.

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