Ensuring business continuity in COVID-19 times


As a digital-first agency we have been adopting habits and building best-in-class systems to offer 24/7 support to businesses across the globe since our inauguration at the end of the ‘90s. But these days, it is good to make the implicit explicit, to ensure our research participants, our partners, our clients and our stakeholders that we remain 100% operational.


We have a cloud-first mentality – 雲端優先的經營理念

The Consumer Consulting Square is the engine of our business. This fully hybrid community platform, with its integrated suite of qualitative and quantitative research solutions, allows you to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere. As the developer and owner of this platform we have operations in own hands, which guarantee continuity. The Square technology is supported by Microsoft Azure cloud services, ensuring uptime and back-ups at all time.

Consumer Consulting Square(消費者共創平台)是推動我們業務的引擎。這個完全混合式的社群平台,擁有整合質化和量化研究解決方案的套件,使您可以隨時隨地與消費者聯繫。作為這個平台的開發者和擁有者,我們可以自行運營平台,保證可以持續正常運作。Square平台技術由 Microsoft Azure 雲端服務支援,隨時確保能正常運作和備份。

In our day-to-day collaboration we also adopt a cloud-first mentality, connecting digitally through the MS Office 365 suite. Evidently face-to-face encounters with clients and external partners can also easily switch to this digital suite.

在日常協作方面,我們也採取雲端優先的理念,透過 MS Office 365 套組,以數位化的方式進行溝通聯繫。原本與客戶和外部合作夥伴的面對面交流,也可以輕鬆切換到這組數位模式。


United we stand strong! – 團結力量大

In recent years, the InSites Consulting family has grown significantly, spreading out over 6 continents. Today we are organized in +40 hybrid teams – smaller ‘companies within our company’ – spread across 18 different physical locations. Should we be shy of capacity somewhere at some point (think local holidays or less favorable situations like a temporary lockdown), we can easily dispatch work to buddy teams around the globe.

近年來,InSites Consulting的大家庭快速成長,據點遍及六大洲。目前,我們的組織由 40 個混合團隊組成,如同公司內部還有小公司的情況,這些公司分佈在 17 個不同地點。要是遇到工作量難以消化的狀況(例如各地區國定假日,或比較嚴重的臨時封城等狀況),我們可以輕鬆地將工作分配給全球各地的伙伴團隊。

Next to the +600 colleagues, we engage +150 certified and trained research professionals through our online Global Moderator Network; they help us day in, day out, adding localization and contextual interpretation to our research projects.

除了 600 多名同事外,我們也透過自家的線上Global Moderator Network(全球主持人網絡),與150 多名經過認證和培訓的研究專業人士合作。他們日復一日地幫助我們,為我們的研究專案增添在地化和文字脈絡的詮釋。


We love working from home, our safe place – 我們喜愛在家,在我們的避風港工作

As a certified Great Place to Work ® company, we value a good work-life balance. Working from home is not a policy, it’s a habit. Our smart cookies are equipped to work remotely (laptops, communication headsets, VPN connection, etc.). They can always collaborate and access our network files whenever required, wherever they are.

身為經過Great Place to Work ®卓越職場®認證的公司,我們重視工作與生活的良好平衡。在家工作不是應變政策,而是我們的工作習慣。我們智慧的cookies早已能進行遠端工作(筆電、通訊耳機、VPN 連線等),有需要時,可以隨時隨地協作、存取公司網路的文件。

Digital data is the fuel of our business; therefore, we take data protection very seriously. As an ISO27001-certified organization, the necessary guiding principles and working habits are embedded in a wide set of policies, procedures and working processes. This way our home office is not only a safe place for us, but also for your data. If you’re interested to know more about this, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

數位資料是我們公司業務的幕後推手。因此,我們非常重視資料保護。作為一家通過 ISO27001認證的組織,我們已經把必要的指導原則和工作模式融入一系列政策、程序和工作流程中。如此一來,家庭辦公室不僅是我們自己的避風港,也是您資料的避風港。如果想了解更多,歡迎透過 [email protected]聯絡我們。


We take specific COVID-19 measures – 我們的COVID-19 具體應變措施

Following our Business Continuity Plan, we have taken specific measures to cope with the additional challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak evidently brings.


Our Corona Response team has created a specific internal SharePoint page, accessible to all co-workers across all offices, grouping all possible information, guidelines and recommendations related to the COVID-19 situation, with the intention to protect the health of our people and to play our part in slowing the spread of the virus across the globe.


All Managing Directors are empowered to take the necessary actions. Depending on the local situation, actions may vary (work from home, travel advice, online meetings, etc.).


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