Expanding our Asian footprint with the acquisition of Taiwan-based Answer

We joined forces - Answer Global InSites Consulting

One year after the acquisition of ABN Impact, we’re thrilled to announce our second acquisition in the Asian region with Answer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. This follows a strategic partnership in which we already offered our community platform and technology to Answer’s client base in the region since 2016.

Answer Global was founded in 2005 by Vivian Luan; it strengthened its management team in 2016 with Jennifer Liu (recently appointed ESOMAR Representative for Taiwan); the latter gained experience at Ogilvy & Mather as Planning Director for 10 years. Answer has a strong focus on digital community-driven consumer collaboration and operates from a strategic position in the Asian region. The Taiwanese agency received the Bronze Trophy in the 2020 ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards for their EasyCard online community; it was designed to beta-test a new mobile payment app.

The acquisition marks another milestone in our buy-and-build strategy, strengthening our presence in Asia; at the same time, we are bolstering our position as the global leader in insight communities.

Kristof De Wulf

“We are excited to announce that we will be joining forces with the powerful management duo of Vivian and Jennifer, and the full team at Answer. We’ve been doing business together for several years, and have experienced Answer as an agency with a similar vision on the future of research and marketing, and with a strong cultural fit. Much like our previous acquisitions, from Join the Dots to ABN Impact, it is a delight to once again onboard a forward-thinking partner that shares our drive to unlock powerful consumer insights through the innovative use of community technology and unrivalled consultative power.”

Kristof De Wulf, co-founder and CEO of InSites Consulting

Jen Liu

“We have a strong match with InSites Consulting; this not only in our customer-centric future-forward approach, but also in the types of industries and sectors we service, with a robust focus on FMCG. We’ve enjoyed working with the InSites Consulting team for the last few years; it’s refreshing to have found a partner that ‘gets it’ – joining forces feels so natural.”

Jen Liu, Managing Director of Answer Global Marketing Research

Answer will start operating under the brand name InSites Consulting end of Spring 2021. Both Vivian Luan and Jennifer Liu will remain in their existing management positions. Jennifer will also join our global partner board. With Answer joining the InSites Consulting group, we now unite close to 600 people across 18 locations.

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