German market hungry for innovative marketing research solutions

Our Düsseldorf team is celebrating a very successful first year in the German market. Under the leadership of Anita Peerdeman, Managing Director Germany, the team has grown its client book to include some of the country’s (and the world’s) most aspirational and admired brands: engineering and electronics powerhouse Bosch, chemical and consumer goods company Henkel, automotive giant Volkswagen, high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment manufacturer Miele, travel and tourism operator TUI and global leading tech companies eBay Classifieds Group ( and HERE, to name but a few.
From the depth and breadth of these blue-chip organizations, it’s clear that our approach to marketing research transcends any industry. The decreasing lifespans of companies and brands make it crucial for businesses to continuously rethink and reinvent themselves. InSites Consulting promises to deliver consumer-centric cultures by building structural consumer connections, so as to help our clients make better and faster decisions.“, says Anita Peerdeman.
Anita has been part of the InSites family for the better part of eight years. Before relocating to Germany, she spent three of those years as the Managing Director of the Dutch office, where she and her team grew the annual business from €5.5million to €7.8million. Her roots in research run deep as she has been part of the marketing research fraternity for close to 25 years. An experienced market research and marketing professional, Anita connects with both disciplines through her passion for understanding consumer behavior and exploring consumer thinking.
Having been a marketer for many years, I believe I can close the gap between research and marketing.”, says Anita. “While I am excited about the disruptive changes marketing research is experiencing today, and proud to be part of an organization that constantly pioneers and embraces new techniques, one can’t ignore the merits of fact-based decision support – it’s the key to understanding all of marketing’s challenges – it’s the key to success!”

With a clear focus on structural consumer collaboration and continuous investments in market research trends, such as insight activation, our Düsseldorf branch is off to a great start.
Our purpose is to empower people to shape the future of brands. From these results, evidently this target resonates not only with our colleagues but also with our clients. We will continue to innovate and pioneer new ways of thinking, in order to positively impact each market we operate in, and we hope to benefit more brands with our bespoke approach to structural consumer collaboration. Being awarded the German Online Research Best Practice Award for our latest innovation, the Insight Activation Studio, is a sign that we are on the right track,” concludes co-founder and CEO, Kristof De Wulf.

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