Greenbook’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Market Research: InSites Consulting entering top 10

In the year before we even started our US office at Madison Avenue in NYC (wow, what an amazing ride this is: so far, so good!), we’re proud to say that we’ve almost hit the top 10 in Greenbook’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Market Research 2011 (Grit Report 50). We are up from 38, and if we consider some possible misspellings of our beautiful brandname, we could have easily entered the top 10. Number 11: that’s not bad, not bad at all…

At InSites Consulting, we’ve always wanted to be more than market researchers. Since the founding of our company, we are true research innovators, determined to take research forward. We’ve got innovation in our DNA, delivering state of the art methods like online communities, ethnography and nethnography to our clients. Applying these methods we specialize in consumer insightment and assessing the health of brand activation initiatives and brand conversations. As such we activate consumers, clients and employees and act as change agents by closing the gap between consumers and the “boardroom”.
We are proud to be this high in an interesting list of innovative companies in our playing field. We’d like to take the opportunity to promise you, our readers AND our clients that we will do even better next year by giving the world of research fresh content, new insights, interesting thoughts, cases and deliver excellent research and studies. Together, we will shape the future of market research & consulting, without neglecting where we came from. More traditional skills and methods will be a part of our portfolio in the future. We want to be an agency that combines different methods and builds them into solutions rather than just selling methods or products.
And…. We also would like to congratulate all our colleagues who rank ahead of us in this chart. Congrats to BrainJuicer: being number one with a fair distance to the number 2 seems like a comfortable position to be in.

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