How Great a Place to Work are we?

For three years in a row we participated in the Great Place to Work® program with the aim to measure and build a better workplace for our team (across country and department). First, we are grateful that a whopping 80% of our employees worldwide decided to participate in the 2017 survey. It shows their commitment in helping us make our workplace one of the best places to work for around the globe.
Now based on the feedback our team provided, we’re proud to share that yesterday evening we received the Great Place to Work® Certificate 2017 with no less than 93% of our employees convinced InSites Consulting is a great place to work for. Humbled by this sign of appreciation, but also extremely happy that our efforts in marking our company a better place have had their effect. As in 2015 and 2016 percentages were at respectively 80% and 86%.

So, what has changed these past years in our Employee Happiness strategy and daily practices?
We renewed our performance management practice, aligned our salaries with in-market standards, introduced a company-wide coaching & habit development training and empowered people through our company-in-the-company structure.
Of course we wish to keep making progress and move forward from a Good Place to Work to a Great Place to Work, so we already defined 3 major areas we hope to invest in this calendar year, based on our employees’ feedback:

  1. establish a dedicated full-time internal role to the domain of learning and development, facilitated via a software platform that will soon be rolled out
  2. develop a Give back practice when it comes to social & environmental responsibility that is structural in nature at InSites Consulting
  3. further expand support when it comes to personal wellbeing, focusing on keeping a healthy balance in life.

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more insights into our Employee Happiness Strategy in the coming days. And for now, have a GREAT day and perhaps check out our jobsite as we’re always on the hunt for new talent! 😉
As you can see the certificate mentions Belgium as we entered the Great Place to Work® Survey via the Belgian branch. This certificate and recognition is based on the feedback all employees (across countries and departments) submitted via the survey.

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