How Nespresso gives their customers a genuine coffee experience

Working for an iconic brand such as Nespresso, who would say no to that? Since a few years, I’m glad to be a consultant for this iconic brand which allows me to help them take the next tactical and strategic steps towards becoming even more iconic and aspirational.
Earlier in 2015 at STIMA’s BrandCafé on Branding and Customer Experience, Nespresso’s marketing director Wim De Schutter gave us a glimpse of how they answer the same question every day again: What else? Constantly searching for how to do things better is embedded in the brand’s DNA and hence also in the DNA of everyone working for Nespresso.
This entrepreneurial DNA was there from the beginning when Eric Favre, working at Nestlé, had the wish to get every household to enjoy a self-made perfect espresso at home. Those big espresso machines gave perfect coffee, but were not very convenient nor really designed for the average kitchen. The Nestlé board allowed Eric to make his dream come true, but outside Nestlé. This resulted in the first Nespresso system, but more importantly also in a start-up mentality, which is still part of the Nespresso DNA.
How Nespresso gives their customers a genuine coffee experience
The rest is history: Nespresso was one of the first in Europe to start e-commerce, Nespresso appliances have an iconic design with a one-touch functionality, but, most importantly, the service they offer to their clients creates a genuine coffee experience. Service and client experience are key for Nespresso. Examples such as stores being called boutiques where the key word is atmosphere; the Nespresso Club gives Nespresso the opportunity to think and act hyper customer-centric, giving their members unexpected moments of happiness. But there is also the app, the 24/7 call center, the eco-friendliness, etc. which help to create that real coffee experience. Ever wondered why Nespresso capsules are not available in your supermarket? That’s an easy one, a supermarket does not fit the experience Nespresso aspires to offer to their consumers.
One of Nespresso’s most recent actions focusing on creating that coffee experience is to make breakfast an exquisite moment. One of the most commoditized and boring eating moments is breakfast: everything needs to be quick, automatic, on-the-go, without much inspiration during that first meal of the day, although everyone knows this is the main meal of the day. Nespresso wanted to make those breakfasts aspirational again with their Nespresso Mornings campaign. In cooperation with 4 Belgian top chefs, Nespresso jumped on the foodpairing trend with their coffee pairing: the chefs composed a breakfast menu which was a perfectly match with one of their Grand Crus Lungos they have. They even opened their restaurants in the morning for the very first time, to give consumers the experience of a Michelin-starred breakfast.

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