InSites Consulting and Direction First join forces

We’re excited and proud to share a major milestone in the InSites Consulting history as just yesterday we announced an agreement to join forces with Sydney-based agency Direction First.
Until now, we have realized a double-digit year-on-year organic growth by further expanding our business through our Belgian headquarters and by opening new client service offices in the Netherlands, the UK, the US and Germany. With the acquisition of Direction First, we now add a fast-growing player in the Australian market having generated an impressive 17% CAGR over the last 4 years. With Australia representing the 8th largest research market in the world and taking the 3rd position in the world in terms of online research usage as a % of total spend (ESOMAR Global Market Research Report 2016), this represents an important milestone in better servicing our clients’ needs across the European, US and APAC regions.
The start of our collaboration with Direction First dates back to 2011. Working together with Direction First over the last 6 years, we have laid the foundations for a successful acquisition today. Our new Australian team relies on a strong consumer collaboration practice and shares the quality standards, culture and values that are typical of InSites Consulting.
Over the last 5 years, we have been working hard to develop a global and scalable business model to meet fast-evolving client needs and fuel business growth. The acquisition of Direction First represents a first and significant step in executing our non-organic growth plan.
Next to that, the acquisition is scheduled to coincide with the imminent launch of our Consumer Consulting Square™ later this year, a new proprietary and versatile research engine that offers an integrated suite of qualitative and quantitative research solutions and an engaged consumer audience all within one platform.
It has been great to work together with the global thought leaders in the field of consumer collaboration and research innovation these past years. The timing of now officially becoming part of the InSites Consulting family could not be more perfect for the Direction First team. With increased traction on the Australian market, we are poised to optimally benefit from the bigger engine InSites Consulting provides our team with. I am really looking forward to join the group of managing partners at InSites Consulting and help achieve the strategic objectives of a truly global company.” concludes Erica Van Lieven, founder of Direction First. Erica remains Managing Director of the Australian office and also joins the management team of InSites Consulting, now representing a consolidated turnover of +30 million euro.
We are very excited to welcome the Direction First team in the InSites Consulting family and hope to continue strengthening our position in the Australian market with this fantastic team.
Direction First team

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