InSites Consulting starts conversation coaching spin-off B-Conversational

In order to cope with our current growth, we decided to start a spin-off to inspire and coach companies on conversation management. We are delighted to announce today that Steven Van Belleghem, author of ‘The Conversation Manager’ and ‘The Conversation Company’, has accepted to take on the lead of this spin-off called B-Conversational. Steven will step down as manager of InSites Consulting to fully focus on this new challenge leading our first spin-off. As an active shareholder of B-Conversational, InSites Consulting will make sure that both companies will remain strategically aligned whilst both can focus on their specific expertise to fuel further growth.
In just 3 years, we have released 3 best-selling books capturing contemporary marketing thinking: ‘The Conversation Manager’ and ‘The Conversation Company’ by Steven Van Belleghem and ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’ by Joeri Van den Bergh, both partners at the agency. Following the success of the conversation management range of ideas, InSites Consulting started getting more and more client requests to actually help implement the ideas embedded in the conversation books.
In order to accommodate this increasing demand, InSites Consulting decided to bring together conversation management inspiration, coaching and strategic advice under the umbrella of a separate spin-off B-Conversational. Steven will be fully dedicated to running the new spin-off activity.

In everything we do, the consumer has a pivotal role: we create relevance by generating strong insights through consumers and facilitate change management by bringing consumers inside organizations.” says Kristof De Wulf, co-founder and CEO. Making a more clear distinction between consumer-driven consulting on the one hand and in-company inspiration & coaching on the other hand will make it easier for our customers and ultimately speed up our current exceptional growth.”

Using a wide variety of innovative research methods (e.g. online communities, online discussion groups, social media listening, ethnography and blogs, online surveys), InSites Consulting keeps its focus on facilitating structural collaboration between consumers and companies.

“I am very glad to get the opportunity to bring the ideas embedded in the conversation management books to life within organizations,” Steven Van Belleghem concludes. “Given the market demand, there is a strong business case to set up a stand-alone business unit to focus specifically on this new area. The ‘Conversation Company’ is a metaphor for the most customer-centric organization ever. The coaching and inspiration we will deliver a base to focus modern business on conversation management.

InSites Consulting will also keep on investing in marketing-thought leadership, as underlined by Tim Duhamel, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer:

Our strategy of investing in innovative marketing thinking has been very instrumental in supporting our growth and strengthening our brand. We will continue on the same path in the future, leveraging the uniquetalent we have inside our company“.

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