InSites Consulting wins 2 MOAwards!

InSites Consulting was the big winner at the MOAwards last Thursday in Amsterdam. InSites Consulting, the only marketing research company, was nominated for 2 awards and won both: ‘Marketing research company researcher of the year 2009’ (Bureau onderzoeker van het jaar 2009) and ‘SPSS Feedback Innovation Award of the year 2009″. The Dutch MOAwards are an initiative of the MOA, Center for Marketing Intelligence & Research.
The ‘Marketing research company researcher of the year 2009’ award was won by Christophe Vergult, one of InSites Consulting’s managing partners.
According to the MOA: “As InSites Consulting’s face in the Netherlands, Christophe Vergult was a breath of fresh air in research land. With an innovative research approach the established order was shook up on the principle that: good research can be different and made to be more fun. Analytically, Christophe likes to go a step further; he decides on his own initiative to present or immediately carry out the less obvious analyses. This innovative approach can also be found in the preparatory phase of new research. At an early stage he shares innovative research ideas with clients. This distinct fanatical willingness to help clients, combined with his rapid and crystal clear communication about running projects makes him a challenging sparring partner. He is also actively involved in MOA initiatives and goes to great lengths to strengthen InSites Consulting’s position in the Netherlands.”
Christophe Vergult, managing partner: “Winning this Award is a strong confirmation of where InSites is heading, our vision of marketing research and how we view the research company – client relationship.”
The SPSS Feedback Innovation of the year 2009 Award was won thanks to the RTL Nederland case:
According to the MOA: “‘So You Think You Can Dance”. This is the name of the popular television programme that RTL Nederland and InSites Consulting monitored every week based on a webcontent analysis. Using webscraping technology and text mining techniques they analysed opinions of viewers about the programme. They were able to determine plenty of time in advance what parts of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ needed adjusting and how. The case is a gripping illustration of a new research paradigm in which answers ‘already exist’ and the challenge lies chiefly in creating insights from unstructured data. It fits within an experimental marketing and research domain. At the same time, and that is the striking part of this case, it follows a very structured process and all academic standards are complied with.”
Annelies Verhaeghe, ForwaR&D Lab consultant managed the project. “As InSites Consulting we connect with the participants in our research. Really connecting means we don’t just ask questions ourselves, but also listen to what consumers spontaneously tell us on social media. This principle was applied to this project using SPSS software. And we’re over the moon with our award.”
InSites Consulting in Rotterdam
The InSites Consulting Rotterdam office was established on 1 August 2008 and is managed by Ramon Pardo, Country Manager for the Netherlands. The Rotterdam team will be strengthened from 1 August by Martijn van Bijnen, an experienced marketing researcher and ex-Research International employee.
The Dutch client portfolio includes Unilever, Heineken, Albert Heijn, Heinz, Danone, PepsiCo, Koninklijke Peijnenburg, ING, RTL, Sara Lee, PON, PCM uitgevers, Agis, Coca Cola, Pfizer, MSD ….
“The unthinkable has happened”, according to Ramon Pardo, Country Manager for the Netherlands. “Being nominated for 2 MOAwards was more than we ever dreamed of. For a new marketing research company in the Netherlands to be nominated twice is a great honour. And to then actually go on and win both categories was beyond my wildest dreams. It underlines the appreciation for all the efforts we have gone to as a team over the past year.”
The MOAwards are an initiative of the MOA, Center for Marketing Intelligence & Research. The aim is to put the marketing research sector in the spotlight more. For every award there’s an independent jury and all jury members are external. The jury’s opinion is based on what the nominees produce and what is made available to the juries.

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