InSites Consulting wins MOAwards: Agency and Agency Researcher of the year

Yes! We pulled it off. Tonight, InSites Consulting won two of the MOAwards, the annual prizes for Market Research firms in the Netherlands. This was announced during an award ceremony at BeachClub Vooges in Zandvoort (the Netherlands). Kristof De Wulf won the Agency Researcher of the Year Award and our Dutch office the Research Agency of the Year Award.

Tim Duhamel, CEO and one of the founders of InSites Consulting is very proud:

“I just love it to see that endurance, an innovative spirit, passion for what we do and our consumer centric thinking is valued by the MOA-jury. We’ve been on the Dutch market for three years and in that time we’ve grown to around twenty employees based in The Netherlands. We see ourselves, also on the Dutch market, as an innovater in marketing research. Last year, we’ve already gotten a nomination for that. This year, now that we’ve won, I see the Award as a crown on our hard work for wonderful and interesting clients. This stimulates us to keep going our way in customer-centric thinking: we have good faith in an even more rapid growth on the Dutch market.”

Kristof De Wulf, Managing Partner and one of the founders of InSites Consulting, responsible for the Dutch division based in Capelle aan de IJssel, is a happy man. He adds:

“We think it rocks that a marketing research assocciaton like MOA named us, a research firm that doesn’t call itself a research firm, a winner of their awards. With InSites Consulting as a winner, I think MOA is showing the research world in the Netherlands and abroad, that it wants to redefine marketing research; we can only adhere to that. We as a company want to go further where oldschool marketing research is now at: we want to give consumers a real voice to change organizations from inside out. We tried to show that with our clients on our MOA minisite, when we were preparing this election.”

One of the most important company values of InSites Consulting, De Wulf adds, is a ‘happy-knowledge-sharing’ culture. At InSites Consulting, there’s a passion for the sharing of knowledge on the future of marketing research. De Wulf:

“We share our vision on the future in a constructive way; we serve the same goals as organizations like MOA. We see our competitors not really as competitors: we think we can change the world together. We see the same drive at Ruigrok and Brainjuicer: I see a real connection between our companies. We all strive for the same goals.”

Ramon Pardo, Business Director and first Dutch employee:

Three years ago Kristof and I were at the front of the audience during the MOAwards ceremony. We weren’t even based in the Netherlands at that time. We’ve achieved a lot in 3 years’ time. Our journey has not ended yet…”

Next to our Agency Award, Kristof was also awarded Agency Reseacher of the Year.

“The Agency Researcher of the Year award for me is more than an award for a researcher. Yes, a researcher should know where the business is going, he must be a helpful thinker for his clients, he or she should be excellent in translating research to changes and taking the right decisions. In my opinion, a good researcher also takes an inspiring role for the junior employees at a company. We believe a good researcher breeds passion for our research business, is an excellent teambuilder and is a real energizer for the whole organization.  Last year, I saw a lot of great companies and I’ve been to lots of meetings: a good researcher is outgoing and has a pro-active attitude towards business opportunities and clients.”

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