InSites Consulting nominated with 2 MOA Innovation Awards

Last year, at the sunny, sunny beach of Zandvoort in The Netherlands, we’ve pulled off “The Double” at the MOAwards, the annual prizes for Market Research firms in the Netherlands. Kristof De Wulf won the Agency Researcher of the Year Award and our Dutch office the Research Agency of the Year Award.  And today, we’re happy to announce that we are nominated twice in the category Innovation Awards 2012! Together with RTL Netherlands InSites is nominated for a Facebook research community app, that was executed on the Facebook fanpage of The voice of Holland. The other Innovation Award is for InSites Consulting’s efforts for bringing gamification into market research online communities (MROCs).
1 Facebook MROC for RTL Netherlands
The innovation in this project lies, from a technical point of view, in the development of a Research Community app that is fully integrated into Facebook. The application, developed by InSites Consulting, was giving RTL the opportunity to execute all research phases of the project (recruting, moderating, introduction, registration) via their Facebook fan page. During the first 3 weeks the television show The voice of Holland was running, a group of 50 selected Facebook fans intensely discussed on this platform about the show, the people, coaches and the sponsor acitivities ( for example: Vodafone).
2 Gamification in research
The second nomination for the MOA Innovation Award was received by InSites for the use of ‘gamification’ to create impact in differing phases of the research process in MROCs. The phases are the following:

1. Data-collection: Adding gamification elements as a driver for engagement and the increasing of participant acitvity in MROCs
2. Analysis: Adding gamification elements that stimulate participants to analyze their data with the method of ‘crowd interpretation’
3. Reporting: Adding gamification elements to raise awareness by clients for the insights the research generated.
The submission is actually a blend of co-creation projects we’ve done with and for MTV (crushed ice – generation Y project), Unilever Vlaardingen (inspire us project), Heinz (TK insighting traject), AFKLM (transfer insighting traject) en Heineken (club of the future project, check out this recent SlideShare for more details on this project). The innovative spirit of this nomination lies in the fact that we’ve used gamification in a research technique that is still in an early phase of maturity, and in the fact, that we’ve used gamification in the whole research cycle, and not just in distinguished parts of the research process… Both clients and participants were confronted with gamification elements. We think that rocks 😉
Award ceremony
We are very excited and are really looking forward to winning one or two of the Innovation Awards. The award ceremony is due on June 6 in BeachClub Vooges in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Tickets for the award ceremony and food&drinks can be obtained at the website of MOA.

Want to know more about the research communities business at InSites Consuling? Check out our case page: insites-consulting.test/researchcommunities.

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