Meet (y)our Future Talkers

Throughout the past few months we have revamped and rebranded our proprietary consumer research panel TalkToChange into Future Talkers. Why? To better live up to the promises of consumer empowerment and collaboration and to unlock a wide range of new and innovative research techniques for consumers. TalkToChange to FutureTalkers

So what changed?

Based on a large-scale research project with over 3,000 consumers from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the US, the UK and Romania, we learned more on what drives consumers to participate in research. Based on these learnings we adapted our consumer panel approach:

1. They expect fun

In our Future Talkers consumer panel, consumers are not only invited for surveys, we also intensify the collaboration with more engaging methods such as our Consumer Consulting Boards. Consumers get to voice their opinion in various innovative and creative ways. Our communities and surveys are crafted to bring them a fun and rewarding experience.

2. They expect a reward

The incentive is (only) the 5th most important motivation (according to the survey mentioned above); however, it is obviously still an important aspect. That is why we moved from a ‘prize draw’ system to a ‘reward per participation’ system. From now on, consumers can save up money with each effort they make.

3. They expect more

More research studies to participate in, more brands to collaborate with and more subjects to learn about. Through a strategic partnership with Cint, the Future Talkers consumer panel is now available to the marketing research industry at large (through Cint’s unique marketplace OpinionHub). With a consumer panel active in more than 50 countries across the globe, Cint benefits from the partnership by significantly extending its total resource base, while we can positively drive engagement and activity rates of panel members by offering more studies for members to participate in.
Kristof De Wulf, CEO of InSites Consulting, adds: “Our mission is to bring consumers to the heart of our clients’ organizations. Finding engaged consumers who want to collaborate with their favorite brands is an important factor in this mission. We believe that through our newly created partnership with Cint and by intensifying our relationship with consumers through Future Talkers, we can offer our clients the consultants they need – their consumers.
In the coming days we will be sharing more results from our large-scale research project on panel management trends. So stay tuned!

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