MOAward Nominations for InSites Consulting

Yesterday MOA (Dutch Market Research Association) announced its nominations for the MOAwards 2011. And great news for our Rotterdam office as we’ve received 2 nominations this year, Agency of the Year and Agency Researcher of the Year (Kristof De Wulf, Managing Partner and Country Manager of our office in the Netherlands).
Find out what MOA and the judges said about InSites Consulting:

InSites Consulting was nominated last year too, and is aiming for the prize this year as well, in the determination to reinforce its position on the Dutch market. And in 2010 they managed too (again). The source is still in science – and its Flemish roots – but the general anchoring is gradually moving to the Dutch soil. A wide range of methods is implemented, which result in impressive cases. And which focuses on new insights and the penchant for a new approach in the business. That is why InSites Consulting gains recognition everywhere: they win one prize after another (for workshops, books and methods).

And about Kristof:

Kristof is one of the founders of InSites Consulting, by now active in 15 countries, resulting in an almost 13 million euro turnover. In the past few years Kristof has been the driving force behind the expansive growth of the Dutch branch. The jury sees more in Kristof than merely a good researcher. The way InSites profiles and maintains itself shows Kristof’s entrepreneurship. The jury rewards Kristof as innovative researcher with a nomination, for his unremitting efforts to think as a customer and the problems and questions the customer is struggling with. The solutions presented by Kristof and his agency are proof of a high level of empathy and are goal-oriented. Kristof has also made his name in the Dutch researchers’ world through his publications and presentations. He shows a passion for the business because he inspires clients to co-engage in experiments for the continued development of research tools and in the search for new insights. And the collaboration he searches for with competitors where events are concerned contributes to a stronger development and profiling of the domain. Therefore Kristof De Wulf is a must in the MOA top 3 of agency researchers!

We’ve set up a mini-site to gather support for our application, so if you want to make sure we win one of the awards, click through to let the judges know. The winners will be announced in June at the MOA Beachparty.

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