Reimagining the future workplace

How InSites Consulting cares about Millennials

If there’s a silver lining in the global pandemic, then it’s definitely the increased awareness and attention for mental health. Something that hasn’t gone unnoticed here at InSites Consulting as well.

Whilst staff well-being has always been important to us, the challenges our people have faced over the past 18 months have boosted our commitment to doing all we can to help manage well-being, but also to reimagine our future workplace.

Here are just a few of the recent ‘upgrades’ to our working and support for our people.

  • We have moved to an entirely hybrid way of working where both the home and office are attractive places for our people to work.
  • We are providing our people with allowances to help ensure their homeworking space is equipped, safe and pleasant.
  • In 2022 we are offering all staff 4 additional days of annual leave, called well-being days, that they can take at short notice when they feel they need a day to re-energize and take a break.
  • All staff are now given access to our well-being program where we help them positively transform daily routines and explore the benefits of meditation, breath-work and yoga in an accessible down to earth way.
  • We are re-inventing our approach to business travel which will not only have a positive impact on the climate but also help reduce the hours our people spend sitting in planes, trains and automobiles and the number of nights away from their friends and family.

There is of course still much more ground to cover and when talking about employee well-being there is no one size fits all. So, via increased investment in leadership and coaching programmes we aim to provide guidance to our team leaders across the globe to navigate and support every individual in our organization towards a happy and healthy future. Building a better future together!

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