The science behind creativity

At InSites Consulting, we’re intrigued by both research/science AND creativity. That’s why we do research on the most conversation-worthy commercials. That’s why we try to use gamification in our research communities. And that’s why we like to hang out with our advertising agency friends. So, that’s pretty much why we organized our first Science behind creativity event last Wednesday. We invited friends from agencies, advertisers and research to share thoughts and experiences on the science behind creativity.
Our own Angie Deceuninck (InSites Consulting) kicked off the event and shared the learnings of analyzing over 1300 Belgian TV spots in our Topspots research. She learned us how the best spots score high on both activation and likeability and how this can improve brand/product sales over 40%. See more in her presentation.
Kristof Persoons (VVL/BBDO) shared the story behind a true topspot, the Belgacom Kid case. Smart was the way in how they embedded conversations in every part of their campaign: They facilitated the online conversations by starting a Facebook fanpage and by feeding the community with video and photo content. Observing consumer conversations gave them new ideas for commercials and helped them launch a Belgacom Kid Contest. Maybe the smartest move was using the conversation insights to design a commercial worth sharing: if social media is all about fueling conversations, why not designing the commercial to fuel conversations? That’s why they designed the commercial to be full of oneliners and memes, the ultimate stuff worth sharing.
We were honored to have Kris Hoet (DuvalGuillaume), one of the leading agency thinkers in Belgium. He took us along a journey of the Nutricia Baby Connect app, an phone application that actually made a difference for future parents: it helped them connected with each other AND their unborn child. Nutricia used this app as a pilot, an exploration of technology possibilities and how this influences conversations. The conversations about the app not only helped them spread the app amongst future parents, but also learned them a lot for their upcoming new version of the application.
Bart Baeyens (The Insiders) is a pretty remarkable marketeer. Actually, he’s more of a conversation starter. His company, The Insiders helps companies to fuel conversations, by reaching the right consumers and letting them test products and talk about it with their peers. His Herta case showed how engaging consumers can help build sales and reach. The numbers were pretty impressive: 2000 engaged consumers reached over 400.000 consumers and increased sales by 12%.
Finally, Katrien Dejonghe (Dunlop) showed us how monitoring consumer behaviour and engaging consumers in research communities helped them develop a consumer connect strategy.
Thanks to all speakers and attendees for making this afternoon happen. We’re sure to keep you updated of other events in our exploration of the science behind creativity. Completely in line with the theme of the event, we had to combine all our knowledge on both science and creativity to challenge some technical difficulties; the beamers at the venue failed during the first half of the event. Eventually, creativity won over technology when we managed to fix it all. Don’t forget to have a look at the pictures of the event!

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