What a night! The MOAwards 2012

A very rainy day at the InSites Consulting office, full of speculations and nostalgia about former MOAward editions made room for the 5th – and unexpected sunny – edition. And let us be fair: there are worse places to enjoy the sun. The MOAwards took place in Zandvoort (NL), at the fully crowded Beachclub Vooges. A Dutch-Flemish blend of colleagues represented InSites Consulting once again, full of excitement about if, and what we would bring home.
The event started with handing the Science-Award of the year. Edith de Leeuw, chairman of the jury of the Dutch Science-Award, took the opportunity to introduce her successor Hester van Herk. Fred Bronner, Guda van Noort, and Lotte Willemsen were the lucky three winning the first award of the evening, for their article on the effect of reactive and proactive web care on brand evaluations. Practitioners will finally have some theoretical background to back-up their decisions in this hands-on field of work.
The second Award focused on Innovation. Neurensics shared their view on the future in which we would be able to read the brain as if it were a movie and we could read each other’s dreams without the need for words. InSites Consulting contributed with two entries in the same category, so there was some internal competition as well. First, our work together with RTL the Netherlands, for which we created an online community in the trusted and natural surroundings of Facebook. Secondly, we were nominated and eventually awarded for our progressive work on gamifying market research. Winning this award is a big acknowledgement for gamification in research. First of all, it signals that the branch finally considers implementation of game challenges and competition as fruitful. But to take this idea forward, lead researchers Tom de Ruyck and Elias Veris showed that it cannot only be applied in order to generate qualitative data, it is also applicable in the analysis phase, and it is even of more importance in transferring the message to the client to ensure maximum impact of the results.
The final judgment of the jury: “InSites Consulting has created a methodology which is capable of bringing fundamental changes to the way the industry sees research. Furthermore it is impressive that not only one part but the entire process of an approach is innovated and improved.”
After another series of video introductions, the nominated people for the Business Researcher of the Year Award patiently waited for the showdown. Underlining his passion for sharing information and his ‘knowing your customer’ sessions, Jan Zwang (Vodafone) proudly received his prize. The jury considers Zwang as a man with a great business orientation, guts, and a high capability of managing his own name as a brand.
The Make a Difference Award was introduced this year to give a stage to market research in the media. Next.checkt of NRC Next turned out to be the best fit for this brand new award. With their evaluations on the quality of research – not only focusing on business, but also on politics – they stimulate everlasting criticism on random facts and misinterpretations.
Martijn Lampert (Motivaction) got his effort on books, articles, and seminars rewarded by winning the Agency Researcher of the Year award. Apart from being proud on this achievement, he stated his pride and admiration for the impact we market researchers have today. He believes it is key to trigger the youngsters about the inspiring field of work we’re in. Last but not least, crossmedia research agency MeMo2 went away with the prestigious award off Agency of the Year. As the jury critically evaluated growth, the ability of self-evaluation, and managing valuable partnerships, this agency has shown major evolution built on innovation during a critical economical period.
But there were more rewards. After a warm applause for all the winners, the organization fired up the barbecue, filled the cocktail glasses and came up with a decent meal. And of course, market researchers know how to celebrate: all together, with a tasty drink, live music, chats with other enthusiasts, and even some dancing.
InSites Consulting congratulates all the proud winners of the MOAwards, as well as the people contributing to the organization of the night. We look back on a well-organized, sunny (which was quite extraordinary considering how the day and late evening was) and most of all, a very exciting evening. Many thanks, and see you next year!

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