Why and how our company fleet is going green

Starting this month, we’re introducing a green car policy for our Belgian and Dutch teams. This is our way of facilitating and stimulating our employees’ transition to green company cars, leasing 17 electric cars in the initial phase (which equals 25% of our entire company fleet) and installing electric vehicle charging points at our company car park and at our employees’ homes.

“Since InSites Consulting was founded in 1997, we have constantly strived to achieve our ambition to be pioneers. And we see that in a far broader context than our core business alone: it also applies to our approach to HR and our daily working practices. This green car policy is our way of assuming our social responsibilities. We want to make it easier for our employees to switch to electric cars,” explains our CEO Kristof De Wulf.
“One of our main concerns, to accommodate the switch to electric cars, was that there is no loss of comfort at all for the employees.” adds Gunter Van de Velde, Fleet Manager here at InSites Consulting.

  • A charging point is installed at the homes of our electric car drives that does not tap into their home electrical mains. The bill is automatically send to the company instead of the employee.
  • An internal digital marketplace is being set up for the traditional cars in our fleet to allow the drivers of electric cars to use a traditional car 30 days a year, for example to go on holiday.
  • Prominent green parking spaces are available exclusively for the electric car drivers and other electric vehicles that need to recharge.
  • Our choice for the BMW i3 car which has a range of 300km (in the NEDC test). The BMW i3 Advanced series includes navigation, advanced smart phone connectivity options, heated seats and fast charging features.

Prominent green parking spaces
It’s of course also great to see that our efforts in going green haven’t gone unnoticed as we’ve recently been awarded with the Green Fleet Innovation Award by link2fleet.
Oh, and just today we already welcomed 11 electric vehicle cars (BMW i3) at our Ghent hub and I have to say it was quite impressive to see all of them wheeling up our car park. Check out our Instagram for a snapshot on how that looked!

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