Validating consumer insights for Heineken

Heineken International is a group which owns a worldwide portfolio of over 170 beer brands. As part of an organizational drive to strengthen their consumer-led innovation process, Heineken International sought a partner to provide a meaningful solution to help select the most potent consumer insights which could then be used as a basis for product innovation or branding/communication initiatives.

What did we do?

At InSites Consulting we developed our Insight Validation Tool, which incorporates contemporary marketing thinking in KPI selection and combines qualitative tools to enhance understanding of drivers, associations and motivations behind the insight. InSites Consulting also provided insight writing advice and support to workshops, so as to help optimise the quality of consumer insights before testing.

The results

Since 2010, Heineken has tested hundreds of consumer insights across the globe using our Insight Validation Tool. The insight validation phase has become mandatory in the innovation process and the quality of product concepts generated further down the innovation funnel is clearly benefiting from this.